on FIRE.

E-Learning Innovation

We Make it Easier for Your Teams to Learn.

En Fuego is an eLearning online platform for small or large teams. We make it easier for you to publish and distribute your complex training material into smaller “snackable” portions for easier consumption throughout your busy weeks. We also make it fun with gamification through leaderboards.

Better Customer Interactions

Inspire more productive customer interactions by elevating workforce knowledge and confidence

The Difference is with Snackable Learning™

Increase knowledge and retention through frequent web-based Snacks–lessons byte-sized that don’t overburden a user’s day so that they can do them at their own leisure.  Just five minutes at a time.

Competition Through Gamification

Generate excitement and engagement through gamification with customizable leaderboards by teams. Within one week notice which themes and topics are deficits of knowledge with your team so that you can immediately course-correct their behaviors and knowledge.

Real-time Performance and Reports

We provide management insight to potential learning opportunities and where to prioritize training. We can generate monthly or weekly reports so that we stay on top of your team’s training.

What Our Clients are Saying

Get En Fuego, Get Results

We’re always excited with each and every new challenge, but most importantly, cherish the new relationships we take seriously in helping our clients achieve new heights. Reach out, let us know how we can help.